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There are numerous ways to stay up to date with what's happening in the world of Kneeslider. All of these methods are detailed below. We don't intentionally "spam" people and regularly undergo a communication clean-up to ensure only those who are interested receive updates.  We do however, need to rely on people visiting this page, to inform us if they wish to join or remove themselves from our communication methods. Click here to view our Privacy Policy

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Celebrating ten years of raping ears, and a decade of friendships!
GDPR (the new Data Protection Regulation) affects everybody and comes into force May 2018.

We’d just like to outline some points to maintain both transparency and integrity, and are obliged to remind you of our full Privacy Policy which can be found below this post.

1. We’d like to assure everybody that we take everybody’s privacy seriously and nothing that identifies a person is shared by Kneeslider without consent. If you attend a gig and a random stranger or friends tags a photograph of you on social media, this is beyond our control and we recommend that you edit your settings to ‘approve’ before it is published.

2. We scrapped using emailing lists two years ago due to scamming, spamming, hacking and phishing concerns. We do not use third party email domains such as Hotmail, Outlook, Live, Yahoo or Google etc. Emails from the band will only be from
(unless the email is from an individual band member which is beyond Kneeslider’s control). Email addresses are not stored on any device.

3. Contact telephone numbers of clients are not stored on any device other than band member personal phones. These details are used for the purpose of bookings only and personal numbers are never shared.

4. Contact telephone numbers of people receiving SMS gig alerts are stored by a third party internet application based in the UK, for the purpose of informing people when and where we are playing. These numbers are never shared or stored by Kneeslider. If you feel you did not consent to your mobile number being used, or wish to cease receipt of these messages, please see the comments below this post. Equally, if you are reading this post and would like to opt in to this service, you can be added. By providing your mobile phone number, you are consenting for us to use it for the purpose of gig alerts only. We must stress that only the number is stored. We will not ask for your name and therefore you will not be identified.

5. Our website is hosted by Homestead which is based in the USA. All content published on the Kneeslider website is stored by Lee Hines on a secure hard drive. Content is used to build and maintain the website and is uploaded to the Homestead server. This does not include personal contact details such as telephone numbers, addresses or email addresses. These are not stored. It does however include photographs. We have not ‘knowingly’ stored or published a photograph of anyone without their consent. However, if you feel that your photograph has been used on our website without your permission, (specifically on the ‘groupie’ page), or you would like your photograph removed, please email us and we will action. Our email address can be found in the comments below this post. This applies to our website only and not social media.

6. It was a requirement and condition of all musicians within Kneeslider, past and present, to consent that their photographs could be used on the Kneeslider website and social media. This was and is both a verbal and written agreement.

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