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Lee "Beanz" - Vocals
(When he can remember the words!)

Aptly named due to his unfortunate surname, and love of flatulence. Beanz is the non musician of the group and probably the most difficult member to source material for. He will try anything once, but takes longer to learn anything simply because his music collection only contains Guns n Roses. Loves performing but is very self critical and insists his better talent is managing the website. By day he is a business manager and by night a couch potato of magnificent proportions.

Equipment: Shure Beta 58 Wireless Mic; To-Mann T Bone IEM 75 In Ear Monitor; TC Helicon Voicetone talent enhancer.
Harley "Angus Jr" - Guitar
(Backing vocals when he can remember)

Named after the fat boy his mama used to ride, Harley loves to strum. Has been playing guitar since he could stand up for a wee and loves to teach it. Harley is the baby of the band but don't let that fool you. There's not many guys of his age that posess the talent he delivers on every performance. As a practical joker full of one liners it's hard to believe that by day he is a business manager. By night his time is spent stalking MILF's on Facebook. Models himself on Matt Lucas and loves AC/DC.

Equipment: Gibson SG American STD Guitar; Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top Pro Guitar; Line 6 DT50 Amp; Pedals include Bad Monkey Tube Screamer, Boss Line Selector & Wah.
Alan "Al Bongo" - Drums
(Backing vocals - Hmmph, don't think so!)

Alan has always prided himself on his ability to bash his four skins and provide the glue which holds the band together. However, unlike the more evolved members of the band Al's species "sedent in tympano" has not yet learned to stand so naturally drumming was seen as the most obvious choice in his development on the Darwinian scale. During daylight hours Al is involved in business management where he relaxes and hones his sitting down skills in preparation for an evening's energetic drumming.

Equipment: 6 piece Mapex Mars in Bonewood finish, Sabian and Paiste cymbals and Tama Iron Cobra double kick pedal.
Gary "Darth Anal" - Bass
(Backing vocals if he can be bothered)

Nicknamed ‘Eddy Izzard’ by Harley because he looks a bit like him, Gary spent his formative years playing Violin in orchestras and with himself! Finally deciding at the tender age of 15 to pack in the Violin for something girls would like, Gary took up the worlds greatest contraceptive… The Bass Guitar. After playing his first gig at the age of 16, Gary has played in numerous bands. He not only brings humour and experience to the band, but is also a good counterweight for Harley on the stage.

Equipment: Status Basses; TC Electronic BH250 Amp; TC Electronic K-212 Cab & TC Electronic MXR & Electro Harmonix talent enhancers.
The Manufacturing Team

The back bone of the band - The "time keepers" ensure the Kneeslider machine remains well oiled and the rhythm is consistently played strong and true.

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The Sales Team

The front men - Compliment the manufacturing efforts with quirky lead overlays ensuring the Kneeslider machine is tailored to reach as broad an audience as possible.

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Quality, Dispatch & Logistics

We use professional equipment to ensure the manufacturing and sales teams lock together in harmony before delivering the final mix. We insist that we can't polish the turd, but we can throw glitter over it!
Equipment is transported safely & securely using our very own private jet (actually it's a van) but private nevertheless!

Equipment: Peavey UL15 PA speakers; Stageline Pro power mixer; Paralite LED lighting; Vauxhall Combo
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