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Kerry Hines
Kezza "The Chin"
aka Beanz WAG
RIP 1975-2014
Heidi Poos
aka Harley's WAG
Ally Bongo's
aka Alan's WAG
Ally Ally Ally Oi Oi Oi
aka Gary's WAG
The Band WAGS - Wives of the band members should consider themselves extremely lucky! - We could have our pick of whoever we want and get plenty of opportuities....... just remember that bitches!
The Band Heroes - People who have helped us out in more ways than one! - When the WAGS are unobliging, someones gotta do it! - Hats off to these guys and massive thanks for getting us out of the shit!
"Happy Meal"
"Bass Legend"
Richard received a trophy for "Groupie Of The Year" in recognition of consistent and valued contribution to both attending, booking and promoting our band.

An absolute diamond geezer who we love!
Russ - The man who knows how to put rubbers on and the best in his field! No he's not a male escort or contraception expert, he's Portsmouth's most popular tyre fitter. Loved by bikers, he can tell the men from the boys just by looking at tread wear and by his own admission, some of the lady bikers have bigger balls! Russ is the only groupie so far to sport a branded t-shirt of his favourite band! Way to go Russ! - If you need tyres for your bike or car, visit Speak to any of the band community for a reference!
The Band Groupies - The people that make the effort worthwhile! They don't all make every gig, but do their best to attend, have fun and spread the word. We love these people!
Big John
Groupies are admirers of the musicians and are all types of people who follow and support their local band in many more ways than one. They are an important part of a band and we all need 'em!

Supporting you local band is not just coming to gigs. It's also liking and sharing social media posts to ensure maximum visibility We're not expecting you to cry, scream, pass out, expose bodily parts or throw your underpants at us but clapping is appreciated!

The guys are always greatly appreciative of your support

DJ Delboy
"Bass Assassin"
The Drum & Bass Bin - The line of musicians that we have worn out musically and sexually! If you see these guys in the street, say "Hi" and that you remember their days from Kneeslider...... it may make them feel better about themselves!
Ratboy Dan
A drummer by trade and the original bass player from our beginnings as The Butt Snoggerz. Couldn't learn bass for toffee so turned his efforts to sound engineering. After a mid gig rant over volume, Dan stomped off and nobody has seen him since? Rumour has it he has  moved up country to run a pub of his own. Good Luck Dan!
Jock The Rock
Took over from Ratboy and put in a fair few hours with the band. He left twice due to mental issues and the ever increasing schedule. He now resides in The Priory. Did join another local band which was short lived and rumour has it, he is now fully recovered and working on an exciting new musical project soon to be hitting the local circuit.
Bassman Neil
Jock's successor and lasted only a year. The Constant high speed playing every weekend took its toll on this fella and he opted for early retirement. Due to public outrage and non-stop hounding the paparazzi, and angry protestors on his front lawn, Neil sold his house and is residing in a secret retreat somewhere in Southampton.
Bee Bee
"Beep Beep"
Actually, we never abused these two bass heroes. These two fellas stepped in and kept the Kneeslider machine going when one of the other three had to part company.

Chaz is a session bassist and is now working on his own projects. Mr Cool loved playing with us and we loved having him. It was fun and a pleasure to work with such a professional.

Jon is a seasoned bassist from local covers band "The Cessna's. They took a break for a couple of years so we nabbed him to dep for us. Another great guy to work with and we even offerred him the job full time, but his loyalty to his fellow band mates was commendable.
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Andy The Legend. The longest serving leaver of the band. His addiction to paracetomol and red bull was a tell tale sign that he was due to wind down so decided to persue a different musical interest twice as busy but a lot slower. We think he just couldn't admit that he was tired of all the manloving! After 10 years, he has an arse like a wizards sleeve!
Celebrating ten years of raping ears, and a decade of friendships!