It is with great sadness that on Thursday 18th December 2014, we said goodbye to Kezza aka Mrs Beanz, who sadly passed away on 30th November 2014, ten days after her 39th birthday. Whilst quite a few of the Kneeslider family knew, there are lots of our followers who weren't aware that she had been fighting a rare form of cancer for nearly three years.

Not only did Kerry assist with band admin and promotion, she also organised the very successful Loonies@Loomies Cancer charity function. Kerry made light of any situation we as a band encountered and always had the ability to put us at ease. She was also one third of our back-up singers "The A32's", where she often sang alongside her husband of 18 years, Lee (Beanz). Even whilst very sick, Kerry supported us 100% and insisted that the show must go on.

Kerry will be deeply missed and leaves a massive void in our hearts and community. Rest in peace Princess and tell everyone up there to prepare for us when our time on Earth is through x
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Kerry Hines
Dancing In The Sky - Dani & Lizzy
A tribute song from all at Kneeslider xxx
No Boundaries - Adam Lambert
Kerry's song at the worst time of her illness. She used to say that this song projected how she felt and gave her hope. We had it played at her ceremony. xxx
Official announcement & tribute from husband, Lee (aka Beanz)
First posted on Facebook 02/12/14.

"Now that I am confident that all immediate family and close friends have been contacted it is with heartbroken sadness I can announce that my beloved wife and soul mate, Kerry Hines sadly passed away Monday afternoon.

As some knew, Kerry had been battling a rare form of cancer for the past three years. Battling being the key word, she fought with everything she had for the sake of our four children, and her nephews and nieces whom she loved dearly. Putting herself through several cycles of gruelling intensive chemo and radiotherapy, not to mention months away at a time enduring a bone marrow transplant she was a true warrior.
Whilst in its early stages, the transplant seemed to be smooth running and successful, she required treatment for Graft vs Host disease and ultimately, her body rejected the donor marrow. In recent months her lymphoma had returned and she became extremely ill. On a routine appointment eight weeks ago, she was admitted into hospital immediately by her encologist. During the past eight weeks, Kerry underwent more intensive and very painful treatments including a new drug which specifically targeted the type of cancer cells she had.

The long term plan was to finish several cycles of this new drug in conjunction with even more radiotherapy forcing her into such a state that she could attempt a second marrow transplant at the earliest opportunity. Sadly, on Monday of last week, she suffered a sudden decline in health and was moved to HDU where she was to receive one on one care. Within hours of being moved, it was clear that her immune system, and what was left of the rejected donor immune system was gone leaving Kerry open to all infections. In light of this, she was moved to an isolated Intensive Care room and was treated with every drug in the NHS arsenal to assist her body with recovery. Sadly, as determined as she was to be with her family for Christmas this didn't happen. Her mind was strong and willing but her body, after three years of battling, had nothing left to fight with. Kerry was so tired and she slipped away peacefully in her sleep. She was not alone and both myself and her loving niece Rachael, whom she adored, held her hands and comforted to her to the end.
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Did you meet Kerry? Did she make you laugh or cry. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have a friendly debate with her? Whatever capacity, please feel free to leave your comments or tributes in her gust book. xxx
For those that didn't know or realise the above, my Kerry hid it well. Only those she felt close to were kept informed at every stage of her illness and treatment. Anyone that met Kerry, before and during her illness will tell you she was so full of life and energy. She had the ability to light any room or mood, beit with her funky dances, foul mouthed banter or her immense sense of humour. Often feisty and opinionated, she also made her points of view known and loved to debate if the subject was worthy. She always told things as they were without mincing words and was a typical "what you see is what you get" type of person. Kerry was larger than life, an inspiration to so many people and even through her illness put other people's welfare before her own. She touched the hearts of many, and kicked the arses of many more.

I knew from the day I met Kerry that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She showed me how to love. She taught me how to care. She inspired me to live. I love that lady with everything I am and my only regret is that I will now have to face life, heartbroken without her.

I take comfort that Kerry will live on in so many hearts and memories that she touched, she will live on in each of our four children, who all possess their own individually inherited traits.

Kerry will live on in her beloved family, Rachael, Keir, Damian, Taylah, Lily, Summer, Maggie, Olivia and Henry.

Kerry will live on in her close circle of friends.

Her last words reassured us that she wasn't going anywhere, and she hasn't. She is still with us all.

Sweet dreams my sweetheart. You are free from pain and anguish. Thank you for the life you gave and the legacy you leave behind."

Kerry Hines
20/11/75 - 30/11/14
Wife, Mum, Friend

Always On My Mind - Lee Hines

There comes a time when a man reflects on his life and feels compelled to remind his wife how much he loves her.
This song has been recorded hundreds of times by various people, but the words reflect my feelings over years gone by.
I recorded this song in 2010 with the help of Dan Montague, but never found the time to do anything with it. After all the efforts, Kerry called me a sentimental fucking idiot!
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Kerry Hines