Quality, Dispatch & Logistics

We use professional equipment to ensure the manufacturing and sales teams lock together in harmony before delivering the final mix. We insist that we can't polish the turd, but we can throw glitter over it!
Equipment is transported safely & securely using our very own private jet (actually it's a van) but private nevertheless!

Equipment: Peavey UL15 PA speakers; Peavey XR power mixer; Paralite LED lighting; Ford Transit Mk7 (Knee Van Cleef)

Kneeslider Covers Band Header
The Manufacturing Team

The back bone of the band
The "time keepers" ensure the Kneeslider machine remains well oiled and the rhythm is consistently played strong and true.
The Sales Team

The front men
Compliment the manufacturing efforts with quirky lead overlays tailored to reach as broad an audience as possible.
Al Bongo - Alan
Prided himself on his ability to bash his four skins...

Billy Bob - Gary
Took up the worlds greatest contraceptive....

Beanz - Lee
Named due to his surname, and love of flatulence....

Angus Jr - Harley
Named after the fat boy his mama used to ride....

Celebrating ten years of raping ears and a decade of friendships! 2008 - 2018
Kneeslider - © 2008-2021 - All rights reserved

(pronounced: nee-slyder).

(collective noun)
You will notice it is just ONE word which has neither a "THE" at the beginning nor an "S" at the end.
There are not four blokes in the band all called Kneeslider, therefore we are not plural, we are a group.

"We don't endure grand delusions of stardom. We're not rockstars, nor are we a tribute band. Four regular guys with our own take on the music we cover. No records being made here, what we do, we do for fun!"
Kerry Hines
Kezza "The Chin"
aka Beanz WAG
RIP 1975-2014
Heidi Poos
aka Harley's WAG
Ally Bongo's
aka Alan's WAG
Ally Ally Ally Oi Oi Oi
aka Gary's WAG
The Band WAGS

Wives of the band members should consider themselves extremely lucky! - We could have our pick of whoever we want and get plenty of opportunities....... just remember that bitches!
Band Heroes

People who have helped us out in more ways than one! - When the WAGS are unobliging, someones gotta do it! - Hats off to these guys and massive thanks for getting us out of the shit on numerous occasions.
Beep Beep
Support DJ
Mr Cool
Dep Bass Legend
Sound / Roadie
Outside Sound
Happy Meal
Dep Drummer
Sound / Roadie
Mr Slick
Dep Bass Assassin
Russ - The man who knows how to put rubbers on and the best in his field! No he's not a male escort or contraception expert, he's Portsmouth's most popular tyre fitter. Loved by bikers, he can tell the men from the boys just by looking at tread wear and by his own admission, some of the lady bikers have bigger balls! Russ is the only groupie so far to sport a branded t-shirt of his favourite band! Way to go Russ! - If you need tyres for your bike or car, visit www.russtyres.com. Speak to any of the band community for a reference!
*** TOP FAN ***
Venue Menu Critique
*** TOP FAN ***
Venue Menu Critique
Roadie / Stage Security
Groupies are admirers of the musicians and are various types of people who follow and support their local band in many more ways than one.

Supporting your local band is not just coming to gigs. It's also liking and sharing social media posts to ensure maximum visibility aswell as helping out in numerous other ways. We don't expect groupies to cry, scream, pass out, expose body parts or throw underpants at us but clapping is always appreciated. We love our groupies and we'd like to recognise a few of them below...past & present.... xxx

Tracksuit Boy
Equipment Maintenance
Spiritual Well Being