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(pronounced: nee-slyder)

You will note that it is one word which has neither a "THE" at the beginning or an "S" at the end!

Four firm chunky hunky friends doing what they love for fun!
A four piece 'covers' band performing in and around the Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Playing a vast mix of classic rock / punk / pop / glam & rock'n'roll favourites in their own unique way,
Kneeslider guarantee that their material whilst played fast and loud, is 100% recycled, delivering a truly enjoyable musical experience spanning several genres. There's always something for everyone

Kneeslider are highly recommended by all who book them and due to local popularity, early booking is advised.

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"We don't endure grand delusions of stardom. We're not rockstars, nor are we a tribute band. Four regular guys with our own take on the music we cover. No records being made here, what we do, we do for fun!"
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Kneeslider - Definitions:

A Kneeslider is the name given to a formed piece of hard plastic or compressed leather fixed onto motorcycle suits to protect them from damage while cornering. The slider is attached outside and just below the knee area of each leg, usually with velcro and dependent on how worn down they are determines how big your balls are!

Kneeslider is a term given to the act of sexual intercourse whilst participants are on their knees. Involuntary facial gurning can be caused either by orgasm or carpet burns, whichever comes first!