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Celebrating ten years of raping ears and a decade of friendships! 2008 - 2018
What does the band come with?

Professional instruments
Top of the range PA (speaker) system
Stage Lighting
iPod Facility

How Many Are In The Band?

There are four of us in the band. Bass, Guitar, Drums and vocalist. On some occasions we may employ a dedicated sound engineer.

What type of music do you play?

Good music! Our repertoire spans several genres so we'd hope there is something for everyone. an overview of our full song list can be found here.

Do you play any of your own original stuff?

Hell no! We only cover the music of other artistes.... we're not trying to make it in the music business. We just want to play stuff people already know, and can sing along and dance to.

My mate said he saw you and thought you were shit. What do you say about that?

Well my friend, it's your mate vs 100's of good reviews, repeat bookings and over 1000 followers across varying social network platforms. I'm guessing he was pissed and you don't trust his word or you wouldn't be checking us out!

How much do you charge?

We do not publish our fees. This depends very much on the individual circumstances of your event. We consider the location, duration and timing of the performance.

How & when do we pay?

On the day preferred by cash or bank transfer.

How long do you play for?

This depends on your permitted start and finish times. We usually perform two hours consisting of 2 x 60 minute sets with a short break in between. Alternatively this could be spread out over 3 x 40 minute sets, but the choice is yours. We can also provide music throughout the break should you wish.

How far do you travel?

Our predominant area is South Hampshire and our area map can be found on our ‘Contact’ page. We have been known to travel further afield on occasion but this would incur further travel costs.

Do you take requests?

On the night, generally not unless it is something we know already. With advance notice, we would endeavor to learn special requests for people but this can’t be guaranteed.

Do you allow people on or in the stage area with you?

We have been known to have the odd person join us for a sing song but generally not simply due to limited space and the expense of the equipment. If there is a specific request for someone to join in, we'd prefer to know in advance so that we can arrange a separate microphone for them.

Are you insured?

Yes – We are members of The Alliance of Musicians & Performers who provide us with our liability insurance. A copy of our certificate can be found here.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes – Annually. A copy of our certificate can be found here.

How long does it take you to set up?

Normally around an hour, and an hour to break down at the end of the night.

Do you have any requirements?

Yes – We carry multiple power extensions, but we will need at least three plug sockets within the playing area and adequate space in which to play.

Can you play in venues that have noise limiters?

We have done but prefer not to. They’re not ideal but we’ve found that more and more venues now have them installed so we’ve learned to deal with them. As long as we know in advance so we can make sure the equipment that we bring is geared for a venue with a limiter.

We can't hear ouselves talking. Any chance you could turn the volume down?

We could, but we won't. We're not a CD player and we have a reputation for being loud. We endeavour to manage our levels, and in our opinion and that of our repeat clients, we are not loud to disguise poor musicianship. We simply believe that a full live band experience should be a loud experience if the mix is good. Besides which, if we turned all of the amps down, all you'd hear is the drummer and no one wants that! If you wanna talk, go to Wetherspoons, we're trying to entertain here!

Do you advertise your gigs?

Yes for public functions. We provide the venue with posters in advance. We also create and share the events across several social networking sites to invite / attract more visitors.
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