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It is with great sadness that on Thursday 18th December, we say goodbye to Kezza aka Mrs Beanz, who sadly passed away on 30th November 2014, ten days after her 39th birthday. Whilst quite a few of the Kneeslider family knew, there are lots of our followers who weren't aware that she has been fighting a rare form of cancer for nearly three years.
Kerry was an inspiration and touched the hearts of many with her wonderful sense of humour, colourful language and funky dancing. Not only did she assist with band admin and promotion, she also organised the very successful Loonies@Loomies Cancer charity function. Kerry made light of any situation we as a band encountered and always had the ability to put us at ease. She was also one third of our back-up singers "The A32's", where she often sang alongside her husband of 18 years, Lee. Even whilst very sick, Kerry supported us 100% and insisted that the show must go on.
Kerry will be deeply missed and leaves a massive void in our hearts and community. Rest in peace Princess and tell everyone up there to prepare for us when our time on Earth is through x